Musée franco-américain du Château de Blérancourt (C) RMN-GP / G. Blot

1989 Renovation

Le pavillon Gould au premier plan
Gould Pavilion in the foreground


The renovation 1989: The first stage

In 1989 the museum was subject to a major renovation: Architects Yves Lion and Alan Lewitt were in charge of an extension built onto the south wing. The new building was harmoniously integrated with the existing buildings of the site as it respected the dimensions and the materials.

The interior walkway was organised around great sycamore crown molding drawing out a fluid path. The materials, marble and American sycamore, create a calming atmosphere to the spaces that are largely lit by natural light: ingenious openings on the foundations provide a view of the natural surroundings.

Awarded the Equerre d’argent, an architectural prize given by Le Moniteur, an architecture journal; the building was a success.

Since 1986, les Jardins du Nouveau Monde (the New World Gardens), also financed by American philanthropic donations, were built up around the castle. These contemporary gardens were designed by French and American landscapers Michel Boulcourt, Madison Cox and Mark Rudkin. Planted with species that are American in origin, they are in perfect natural harmony with the museum’s visit.