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The Landscapers

The Landscapers
The Landscapers

Michel Boulcourt

An advisor for the Fédération Française du Paysage (French Landscape Federation) and a professor, the Frenchman Michel Boulcourt is also a botanical gardener. He designs private or public parks and gardens and is currently working on the organisation of exterior spaces of the future Contemporary Art Museum of Bangkok.


Madison Cox

Madison Cox is a famous American landscape architect who lives in New York. He has lived in Paris and has worked in France for 12 years. He is the author of two books: The Private Garden in Paris and Artist’s Gardens.


Mark Rudkin

Educated as a painter, Mark Rudkin is a well-known American landscaper. He studies expressionist painting in London and New York. He has designed numerous public and private gardens, notably the garden of the Palais Royal and the garden of the United States ambassador’s residence in Paris.