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The Franco-American Museum of the Château de Blérancourt is a national museum that is part of the National Agency of the Estates of Compiègne and Blérancourt under the aegis of the Minister of Culture and Communication.

This museum was created by Anne Morgan, a great American philanthropist and it continues to benefit from numerous private philanthropists.

The Friends of the Blérancourt Museum

Founded in 1923, the idea of Anne Morgan and Anne Murray Dike, this association is presided over by Isabelle Chavarot.

It was recognised as being of public utility in 1931, authorising its members to benefit from a maximum of tax deductions according to the law. Its mission is to enrich the artistic and historic collections by acquiring works of art and also to participate in numerous promotional activities in public relations and in publication as well as financing temporary exhibitions and exceptional events. It finances the reorganisation of the two pavilions classified as Historical Monuments in order to improve public reception in the library and to reopen the Anne Morgan Salon.

Members: 500

Adress :  27/29 rue Raffet - 75016 – Paris - FRANCE
+ 33 (0)1 40 50 54 78

Charles Riley                                         Président
Bruno Weymuller                          Trésorier
Laurence Douvin                           Secrétaire Générale
Nicolas Vivant                                  Secrétaire Général Adjoint            
Christian Mignon

Catherine Chatin                                  Présidente d’Honneur
Isabelle Chavarot                                 Présidente d’Honneur
Laurence Détroyat                             Présidente d’Honneur 
Guy Motais de Narbonne              Vice-président d'Honneur
Jean Bergeron
Chantal Bouilly
Laurence Détroyat
Jean de Demandolx Dedons
Flavie Durand-Ruel Mouraux
Olivier Gillet
Isabelle d’Harcourt
Ishtar Méjanès
Pierre Rosenberg



The American Friends of Blérancourt

Founded in 1985 by the Baronne Bernard d’Anglejan-Chatillon at the request of Pierre Rosenberg and presided over by Eugénie Anglès, this American non-profit association allows members and those who donate works of art and objects destined for the museum collections to deduct a part of their donation from their taxes according to the law 501 (C)3 in effect in the United States.

The goal of this organisation is to contribute to the expansion of the estate through actively searching for philanthropists interested in history and in French/American relations, themes of the museum founded by Anne Morgan.

The American Friends participated equally with the State in the building of the Florence Gould pavilion and financed the creation of the American gardens and an arboretum of American tree species. They also participated financially in certain exhibitions like “Long Live Wilson!”, presented in Washington, New York, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Dallas.

In large US cities the association organises numerous events with the goal of raising the two million dollars it promised to contribute to the restoration and enlarging of the Historic Pavilion of the museum, one of the official projects of Save America’s Treasures. Beginning of construction: 2006.

Members: 500

Internet site


Two newsletters per Year in English.


Become a member: Contact The American Friends of Blérancourt to New York or Paris

New-York :
20 West 44th street, Room 508, New York NY 10036
Tél. : 00 1 212 725 5380  - Fax : 00 1 212 686 8130
E-mail :
Contact : Mme Dorothea de la Houssaye

France :

Mme Dorothea de la Houssaye : +33 6 12 90 69 17


Board of Directors

Franck Laverdin, Founder & Chairman
Dorothea de La Houssaye, President


Honorary Presidents                                                                                                                             

Baronne Bernard d’Anglejan-Chatillon
Eugénie Anglès
Mrs. William B. Astrop
Mrs. Gerald P. Gehman
Mr. James W. Gerard
Mrs. Leslie Gordon
Mr. Eric C. Jirgens
Mr. Andrew Kotchoubey, Treasurer
Mrs. Tom Marsh
Mrs. Lee Richards McMillan II
Mr. Miles Morgan
Mrs. Sonja Tremont Morgan
Mr. Jay R. Paul
Mr. Mark Rudkin, Landscape Architect
Mr. George P. Sape
Miss Susan Train


The Colonial Dames of America

Founded in New York in 1890 and made up of the female descendants of the founders of the United States of America, this association has contributed extensively to the planting and maintenance of the gardens. One of its goals is to preserve historical places and to conserve the documents of the families and States prior to 1776. Chapter IV was founded in Paris in 1901.

The Florence Gould Foundation

The extension and refurbishing of a museum pavilion, inaugurated in July 1989, were financed in part by this American foundation. The building, named the Florence Gould Pavilion, received the Equerre d’argent (Silver T-Square Prize), a prize awarded each year by an international jury at Le Moniteur of Public Work’s initiative, which recognises an architectural work as much for its design as for its construction.