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The Franco-American Library

Ressources center
Le musée franco-américain, en plus de sa collection, abrite une bibliothèque, un centre de documentation et des archives relatives aux relations franco-américaines...

14-569609.jpg  The Franco-American Library

With more than six thousand volumes, the Blérancourt museum library forms a unique foundation of the French/American relations. The heart of the collection was built up by the first museum’s curator, André Girodie and benefited from numerous donations from Anne Muray Vail.
Located on the ground floor of the southern pavilion, the library offers a large range of works, old and new, whose thematic diversity reflects that of the museum: literary works, diplomatic works, military texts, first-hand accounts written by those who played a role in the two world wars as well as a large section on American art of the 19
th and 20th centuries.

Free access to the library, the document resources, and the archives on written request addressed to the curator in charge of the Franco-American museum of the Château de Blérancourt.







The Library

Located on the ground floor of the southern pavilion, the library offers a large range of works, old and new, whose thematic diversity reflects that of the museum.
Amongst others, the library offers works on gardening, artists, important people, sculpture, painting, architecture, photography, North American Indians, the AFS, the Lafayette Squadron, etc.

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Pour d'autres informations sur les relations franco-américaines n'hésitez pas à consulter :
Le Catalogue La Fayette : Ce catalogue bilingue regroupe plus de 1700 oeuvres d'artistes américains ayant intégré les collections nationales française entre 1620 et 1940.     

La Louisiane française : Site créé à l'occasion de la commémoration de la vente de la Louisiane par la france aux Etats-Unis, en 1803. 

La France en Amérique : Site créé par la Bibliothèque nationale de France et la Library of Congress.




Document resources

Located on the first floor, documentation resources is made up of four sections: works of art, artists, famous people and themes connected to French/American relations.

The works of art files:
The works of art are classified according to their artistic domain: painting, sculpture, engravings, designs, medals, posters, photographs, as well as objects.

The artists files:
This second category brings together the files concerning artists, either artists whose artwork the museum possesses, or whose work is in relation with the themes developed in the museum plan or with the history of the estate. These artists are grouped into four domains of artistic expression: sculptors, painters, architects and photographers.

Famous people:
This subject index classifies people who played an important role in the history of French/American relations.

Thematic files:
The last part of the document resources classification brings together the various places, organisations and events that impacted the relations between old Europe and young America.


Located on the first floor of the pavilion, the archives owned by the National Museum of Franco-American Cooperation deal mainly with the history of the estate as well as its humanitarian aid role in Picardy.
A large number of documents from the American Committee for Devastated France (A.C.D.F), from the Lafayette Squadron and from the American Field Service (A.F.S.) are also conserved in this building.

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