The arboretum

The arboretum with the colours of Indian summer

The arboretum is located to the right of the castle’s main walkway. Planted in 1986 by Mark Rudkin and Michel Boulcourt, it brings together a remarkable collection of American species that were chosen for their autumn colours: maple, oak, American storax, and Sweetbay Magnolia.

During the Indian summer, their leaves take on the colours of amber, flame-red, and copper just like in the Northeastern American countryside.

This arboretum was created thanks to contribution from the Colonial Dames of America, Chapter IV (Paris).

Trees can be found throughout the gardens: they are essential elements of the park. Two walkways lined with trimmed lime trees lead to the arboretum while a walkway lined with old poplars runs the length of the New World Gardens. Three American sequoias are growing in the park to the left of the castle

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